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Hungarian Architecture 2020/2




Awards on March 15th. Architects Awarded Kossuth and Ybl Prizes
UIA II. Region Meeting and International Convention of Architecture – Tibor Fátyol
The Transmitter. In Memoriam György Fekete (1932–2020) – György Szegő
The Architect of Sensitive Modernism: Gábor Turányi (1948–2020) – Miklós Sulyok
József Scherer designer (1947–2020) – György Szegő


A Hall for Culture in Kőbánya: The Workshop and Rehearsal Centre of the Hungarian State Opera and Erkel Theatre, Budapest – Eszter Götz
The New Life of Light. The Rehab Scheme of Ligeti Mansion, Budapest – Éva Lovra
Young Generation after „The Young”. Minor Market, Wekerle Housing Estate – Ferenc Salamin
Hide and Seek. Kadarka Street Kindergarten, Budapest – Szilvia Molnár
Disciplined Elegance. Dezső Gyarmati Swimming-Pool, Budapest – Tamás Kiss
A Metamorphosis on Water: Sports and Events Ship, Budapest – Bálint Botzheim
Facing the River Moldau. The Revitalization of the Quay of Prague – György Szegő


Two Schemes for the Prison Block in Debrecen – Angéla Soltész, Tünde Zahari


Healing Architecture. 17th International Congress of Architects – Orsolya Ware-Nagy
Our Churches and Visuality. Sacred Spaces Conference – Balázs Feledy
Let them also Feel… Four Films Shown on the 12th Architectural Films Days – Mária Tatai
Architects in Home Office – Fanni Izabella Magyaróvári
Exploring the Map. Éva Lovra: Cities in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy – Tamás Meggyesi
A Budapest Citizen in Vienna. Art Life in Vienna during the Reign of Franz Joseph as Viewed by Lajos Hevesi – György Szegő
Pandemia. Covid-19’s Impact on Hospital Designs – Zoltán Schrammel
The Flower of Survival. The Homo Sapiens and the Big Issue – András Nagy

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